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There are two ways to help the New York Blood Center's National Cord Blood Program: by donating cord blood and by contributing money to help cover the costs of donation.

You can donate your baby's cord blood if you deliver at one of our collaborating hospitals (See Collection Sites). Cord blood donations help us improve the chances that future stem cell transplant candidates will find the cord blood match they need. Our program goal is to collect 100,000 cord blood units from ethnically diverse donors over the next five years.

Most general questions about public cord blood donation are answered in cord blood donation. Use contact us to ask a specific question about public cord blood donation.

Financial contributions also help. Each cord blood unit costs more than $2,200 to collect, test, process and store. But to find a suitable match, we need many more units available than will ever be transplanted. Thus, a single matched unit used in a transplant actually costs thousands of dollars. A gift of $2,200 would help to cover the cost of adding one cord blood unit to the NCBP inventory. A gift of $35,000 would cover the cost of one matching cord blood used for an actual transplant, but any donation would be gratefully accepted for this purpose.

To make a financial contribution, please print out and mail the "Contribution Form" of this webpage to the NCBP at the address at the bottom of this page. Or to make a contribution online, please go to

If you have questions about making a contribution, or for further information regarding a gift, bequest or trust, please contact or telephone at 212-570-3454.




[ ] $2,200 [ ] $1,000 [ ] $500 [ ] $250 [ ] $100
[ ] $50 [ ] $25 [ ] OTHER $_____

In Memory Of ______________________________

In Honor Of ________________________________


Name: ___________________________________

Address: __________________________________

City/State/Zip ______________________________

Phone:_______________ E-mail:________________

If this gift is in memory or in honor of someone and you would like to inform a third party of your gift, please provide the following information about them so we can advise them of your gift.

Name: ___________________________________

Address: __________________________________

City/State/Zip ______________________________

Phone:_______________ E-mail:________________


Please charge my contribution to the following credit card : [ ] Mastercard [ ] Visa [ ] American Express

Name: _______________________________________
Card Number: _________________________________
Expiration Date:_____________

Signature (required)_____________________________

[ ] Check or Money Order Enclosed

REMINDER: Contributions can not be submitted online. Please print this form and mail it with your contribution to:

New York Blood Center
National Cord Blood Program
Attention: Development
PO BOX 9674
Uniondale, NY 11553-9814

The New York Blood Center's National Cord Blood Program thanks you for your support.


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Keone Penn with Dr. Pablo Rubinstein

Cord blood transplant recipient Keone Penn gives Dr. Pablo Rubinstein a big hug before the New York Blood Center's biennial dinner in 2001, where Keone was the guest of honor.


Cord blood is an investigational product not licensed by the FDA.